1. Parade participants must NOT THROW candy. Candy may only be handed out. Failure to comply may result in being removed from the parade.  We value safety too.
  2. An adult must supervise all youth groups at all times. Youth groups that are not accompanied by adult supervision may not be permitted to participate in the parade.
  3. All attendies must practice social distancing and healthy conciderations of everyone around them.
  4. All parade members must wear masks the entire time during their parade route.
  5. Any passengers riding in the back of pickup trucks must have tailgates up and secured. Any passengers riding on flatbeds and/or floats are not permitted to have legs dangling.
  6. Candidates and political organizations are not permitted to campaign or distribute flyers.
  7. Parade members must not toss or hand out candy during the pardade event.
  8. All parade entries should be at their designated staging areas by 9:00 am the day of the parade. The parade will step off promptly at 10:00 am.
  9. Wauconda Memorial Parade Committee, Wauconda American Legion and the Village of Wauconda are not liable for any injuries to parade participants.
  10. Wauconda Memorial Parade Committee, Wauconda American Legion and Village of Wauconda are not responsible for lost or stolen items.